Deadzone -TK Zero Weapons Team Started!

I’ve been looking forward to painting these as I love the look of the Sphyr (can’t wait to get a team in DBX :D) and thought I could do something funky with the massive gun 🙂


I started them off the same as the Zees and the Terrain by getting the armour ready

I then Painting the black cloth sections as I did with the Zees and got some basecoats down:

Sphyr Flesh: Basecoat all over of Lothern Blue followed by a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade

Human Flesh: Basecoat of 2:1 mix of Rakkarth Flesh and Pink Horror followed by a light Agrax Earthshade wash

TK-3I also added the other basecoats that go on all of the Rebs, the ryad Bark for the leather and Khorne Red for the reds.

I have also added a section of Khorne Red on the front of the gun that’s not in the image. I want to have at least a small part of red on each of the models to help tie them all together, beyond just the armour colour. The plan is to make the gun look a bit fancier than the rst of the tech the Rebs have 🙂

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