Deadzone – Personalised Stat Cards!

I had an idea a while back for some personalised stat cards to go along side the Rebs, primarily because I love fiddling about on photoshop and having wee extras like this for my forces (hence all the logos and pitches for my DB teams :)). I then thought I would take it a step further and make some additions that would help out when playing in a campaign, such as space to add abilities, keep track of stat increases, exp, vet dice etc. and came up with these…

set Set1 Set-2 Set-3 Set-4 Set-5 Set-6

I also quickly realised this allowed me to have duplicates making it easier to keep track of the individual figures progress and in-game whatever items they may be lugging about. I have so far left the stat boxes, points etc. blank as the idea is to have them in card slips and be able to mark these in and change them as they progress, although I am thinking of having the original stats in place just faded a bit as a reminder of how far they can go up or if they die and are effectively reset. The only other thing I was considering was an item box to show what they are carrying or the room they have left. Although I think I may be restricted in space a fair bit, especially when it comes to the Zees who would need 3!

Anyway I would love to hear peoples thoughts on these and if there are any changes or additions you would make? It may also be on the cards (hehehe ;)) that I make up a generic one for general use if people thought it would be useful?

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