Deadzone – Extra Buildings!

I had one set of terrain left over still to build and decided I would do something a little bit different with it. The idea was to have a couple of structures that had a clear use before the containment protocol was put into effect.

The first I decided was going to be a small cafe like place…


I’m going to add one of the Antenocitis extractr fans to the roof as well as a couple of the vending machines in the wee alcove on the right to further add to it. I used plasticard to create the counter as well as a flat area to create a sign.

The second building is going to be something of a small bar…


This is going to have one of the larger extractors on top and the idea is to give it a bit a of a rebel theme, but have it looking burned out and abandoned, as though the local law enforcement didn’t look too kindly on the revolutionist ideals of the clientele. I’m also going to add to this by boarding up the windows and doors, this should add to the story of the building but also lets me have some LOS blocking terrain.

I’m still deciding whether these shold be the same colour as the rest of the terrain or something more in line with the character I’m trying to portray, would love to hear what you think?

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