Deadzone – Antenocitis Billboards Complete!


The first of my Antenocitis Workshop scenery for Deadzone is finished and  think it will definitely add even more flavour to the table…

Extra-8 Extra-9 Extra-10I’ve chosen to paint this stuff up to match the rest of the terrain and added the actual ads using the same method as the posters. I even made up a Dreadball poster for one to link it all into the universe as a whole. I was going to do it with my own team logos, but felt something more universally recognisable would suit better.


2 thoughts on “Deadzone – Antenocitis Billboards Complete!

    • Thanks 🙂

      The ad with the robot on a bike comes with the billboards(along with a couple others), the one with the car I nabbed of the internets and the Dreadball one I made up myself (with the help of some Mantic images:))

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