MCP – Base Painting Guide

How to paint bases for Marvel Crisis Protocol. All bases were started with a black undercoat.

Stage 1

Dawnstone: Apply a basecoat to the concrete.

Warplock Bronze: Apply a basecoat to the metals.

Doombull Brown: Apply a basecoat to theh brick.

Stage 2

Celestra Grey: Apply a fairly heavy drybrush across the concrete.

Leadbelcher: Apply a drybrush over the metals.

Skrag Brown: Apply a layer to the bricks.

Stage 3

Ulthuan Grey: Apply an edge highlight to the concrete.

Nuln Oil: Apply a shade over the metals.

Deathclaw Brown: Apply a line highlight to the bricks.

Abaddon Black: Apply a layer over the edges of the base.

8 thoughts on “MCP – Base Painting Guide

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