Tau Spotted!

With the allure of the new codex I have decided to go ahead with a slow burn Tau army. Need to keep myself disciplined on this though. I will only be getting new models once the ones I have are finished, and will only be getting them to the table once painted. It’s my hope that this will ensure the whole lot gets done in the end. So without further ado here’s some pics:



Just a basic battlesuit here, I was tempted to go forgeworld but the pricetag really throws me off and I think the GW kit looks great with a few minor alterations.



The new Pathfinder kit has to be one of the best kits I’ve seen for a while. £16 from my local retailer and you get 10 excellent looking pathfinders, a recon drone and two other drones of your choice. Bargain! Admittedly the there isn’t much posability(its a word :D) to them without a lot of work, but I don’t think its even necessary unless you where going to have loads of the blighters.

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