Fireblade Progress

Really getting into the Cadre Fireblade now, and not gonna be long until he is finished.

Cadre Fireblade WIP Front

Cadre Fireblade WIP Front

Cadre Fireblade WIP Back

Cadre Fireblade WIP Back

I’ve been working on his cloak, the blue sections as well as finishing the skin and facial features. The cloak will be getting some extra work with some kind of freehand design, but not decided on what yet. I’m probably just gonna stick to some tau-ish lettering, in red, around the edge and keep it fairly simple. The reason I’ve decided on red for this is I think it will blend in with the rest of the model much better, I’m not looking for it to be flashy or in your face cos I don’t think that’s what the Tau are all about.

So continuing on with this chap I still have all of the sept markings to add, as well as lenses, both on the model and on the base. So as I said, not far to go 😀


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