Tanks & Fireblade Update!

Little bit of painting, little bit of modelling today. Started to fill the gaps on the Hydras with some plasticard, and to give you an idea of the gap here’s before and after:

Before & After

Before & After

As you can see the plasticard does a rudimentary job, gonna need to do a wee bit of greenstuffing to smooth the whole thing over.

I also found myself distracted by the Cadre Fireblade, that’s been sitting on the table for a wee while now, and managed to add a few colours to the chap. Didn’t really realise how much of the model is armoured, this makes things a little easier on the model and means I can dedicate more on the cloak and the sept markings. These elements more than anything help to distinguish him from any old firewarrior. Anyway enough rambling, here’s a picture:

Cadre Fireblade

Cadre Fireblade

And just because they look cool :D, the tanks again:





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