Dreadball Gaming!

Had a few games of Dreadball last night, and think we have managed to get all the rules down properly as we where playing a couple incorrectly. Primarily moving the ref at the start of the turn rather than the end, and also not putting events into play that came from ref moving, random player selection etc. We also tried out some experience gaining just to get an idea of what will happen with this when our league kicks off this weekend.

I played two games, both against Forgefathers, one was a home and one an away. Both where victories :D, which means the Gamma Slammers are undefeated for 6 games in a row. Here’s a wee rundown on some highlights for the game(note: I forget to take any notes as planned :(, and apologies for the bad pics):

The Gamma Slammers Vs The Bronze Warriors

The Gamma Slammers Vs The Bronze Warriors

Both games I decided to play it very bashy, as this seems to be a strength of the marauders. In the first game this meant that half the Forgefather team was injured by the end of the first rush, which put them

Goblin preparing to score

Goblin preparing to score

at a severe disadvantage. This coupled with the Forgefathers low movement meant it was fairly easy to outmaneuver them and get rid of any pesky strikers(knocking these guys down is great, 3 times one tried to stand up, but with a 5+ speed stat he failed each time). In this match I also gained 3 experience, one on a jack for a 3 pointer and two on a guard for doing what they do best, slamming. This led to the guard gaining the stretch skill in the end, which is handy but hardly super-powered :).

The second game seemed to have a bit more violence (always a good thing in Dreadball), with one death per team. One of the Forgefather jacks decided I shouldn’t have anyone with skills so pummeled the Orc who gained a rank in the last match into the shiny floor until all that remained was a bloody husk

Sweet, sweet revenge!

Sweet, sweet revenge!

:(. My following rush I only had one thing in mind, revenge!

I distracted the ref with one of my jacks, whilst we had an event in play that meant ref checks where rolled with one less dice(which meant I couldn’t get sent off :D), then proceeded to sucker punch him down with one Orc and stomp with the next, which inevitably led to his death(that’ll teach the short arses). Shortly after this I managed to get enough strikes to make it a landslide, and got enough experience to rank up a jack and a guard! Gained running interference on the jack and a strength up on the guard. This should make this guard one hell of a fighter in any future games and I’m hoping that he’ll rack up a healthy kill count.

In conclusion I really like the Marauder team and don’t know how I would cope with a team like the Judwan, cos I just love slamming the hell out of the opposing team. The Forgefathers seem like a good team, but the minimal movement really does make a huge difference to there effectiveness, especially with ball play and making it to a good location to score a strike. I’ve heard playing a passing game is the answer, so would be interesting playing them when that approach is being kept in mind.

As I’ve said we have the first round of our league kicking off this Sunday, so I’ll let you know how we get on and try to take some notes and decent pictures this time.

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