Dreadball – New Team!

Finally felt the lure of the Trontek team always rattling about inside the game box and got crackin’ into painting them. They where originally the team I was gonna go, and the Marauders where supposed to go up on Ebay, but alas I enjoyed the bashing even after only one go. But that niggle wouldn’t let go, and so I present the Silver Centurions (in a very early form :D):

Silver Centurions WIP

Silver Centurions WIP

Early logo draft

Early logo draft

Would love to hear what you think of them.

One thought on “Dreadball – New Team!

  1. To date the Corporation team is my favourite DreadBall team to play. Chaining free actions together to make fun plays is great fun. The team can still do a little bit of everything though, unlike say the Judwan, who area bit one dimensional.

    I painted my Corp team first as I never tend to play humans in games and wanted to try something different in DreadBall. I am not 100% happy with how the painting on my OCP Patriots came out, but they are ok. The Silver Centurions look more promising.

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