Deadzone – Enforcers Started!

The release of Deadzone is right around the corner and I’m getting really excited :D. It looks like its gonna be a lot of fun, miniature wise and rules wise, with a good amount of stuff coming out with the first wave; I unfortunately did not get in on the Kickstarter :(, which in retrospect would have meant another pile of minis to paint rather than a steady flow ;). From the look of things its the enforcers I’m gonna start off with (until either the Forge Fathers or the Asterions, they look awesome), and thought the best place to start is the boxgame although that may not be until the end of December. Due to this I wanted to at least get something done and had a few enforcers lying about(thanks to a competition on Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher)…

First Enforcers

First Enforcers

Gonna use these chaps as testers for a few colour schemes and once I’ve settled I’ve got another five to add to that. Should keep me going until I can get my hands on the big box of awesomeness 😀


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