Dreadball – Marauder Commission Finished!

The final touches have been added to the Marauders and the bases completed, so here are the completed Badmoon Bombers…

The Badmoon Bombers Front

The Badmoon Bombers Front

The Badmoon Bombers Back

The Badmoon Bombers Back

Also as part of the commission the client was looking for a reworking of the Silver Centurions pitch, and here’s the current progress on that…


Badmoon Bombers Pitch

I’ve just got to get some images of the Ref and the 2 Balls to go with this lot and that should be the commission done and dusted (unless the client is wanting any alterations :)). That also means I’m free for any other commissions people may be after, so get in touch at deathwatchstudios@gmail.com 😀

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