Deadzone – Rebs Humans Finished!

My first batch of Deadzone minis are complete and I find myself very excited about the rest 😀

Rebs Commander & Troopers

Rebs Commander & Troopers

For just basic troops (not counting the commander of course) there is a superb amount of detail and character to these models, and they where thoroughly enjoyable to paint :). They’ve also given me a great base for the colours I’ll be using across the rest of the force to tie everything together. Now onto the next set of models, the Survey Drones!

3 thoughts on “Deadzone – Rebs Humans Finished!

  1. Lovely. The Rebs are unquestionably the nicest looking DZ faction.

    Thats a cool looking scheme too. I like the Firefly look that the figures riff on, but I imagine that about 95% of all painted Rebs will be Browncoats, therefore its probably best to avoid that look, as you have.

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