Middle Earth SBG – The Witch King Summons Allies!

With the drop of the new Armies of the Hobbit book, it’s time to get the Witch King and the spectral Castellans onto the table!

I used the Witch King on Fellbeast flaming sword arm to add that wee bit of extra flair to him. The plan is to paint this up as spectral blue fire, something I will likely carry over to the other wraiths and the Castellans…

A fairly expensive reinforcement, and with a limit to their fighting time, these horrific spirits also offer a massive level of survivability, as they can use their Will as Fate.  Also, Morgul Blades for 5 points? Yes please!

I’ll be painting these up much like the wraiths, keeping to the ghostly, ancient appearance to tie them into the rest of the Dol Guldur, and the touch of blue to tie them into the force as a whole.

3 thoughts on “Middle Earth SBG – The Witch King Summons Allies!

  1. Very nice! I’m thinking about making Dol Guldur my first evil army. Or Azog’s Hunters. Either way I really like the hunter orc models so want to make an army out of them.

  2. Now I’m thinking about an Angmar army too. If I copy your conversion, maybe I use the Nazgul of Dol Guldur as a Witch King dismount. This look doesn’t fit his War of the Ring look but then I like it when models can pull double duty.

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