MCP – Valkyrie Painting Guide

Welcome to my latest painting guide!

I need your support. Because my guides takes time and supplies to do, any support you can offer would mean the world to me. A supportive message in the comments is enough, but if you have the means why not send me a gift on Ko-Fi or PayPal. Thank you!

Prep: Black undercoat

Next up are the sinister Hela and the god of mischief himself, Loki…


2 thoughts on “MCP – Valkyrie Painting Guide

  1. Question on Stage 3 – with Thunderhawk Blue, am I correct in guessing that the metals cover the breastplates, sword blades (and daggers on Val’s belt), and the shin guards?

    • Hey John, sorry it took so long to reply. That’s a mistake on my part and the metals shouldn’t be included in that colour.
      The metals should be Ironbreaker and that does include all the elements you mentioned.

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