Deadzone – Terrain Photoshoot!

With the last piece of terrain(for now)for my Deadzone board done I took the chance to get some photos of a few bits and bobs of it all together, with and without some Rebs…

Group1 Group2 Group3 Group4

It’s good to get a sense of scale on the Dreadball pitch, which still looks a little small, but I’m happy with how it all looks together and the character it adds to the board 😀

Deadzone – Dreadball Pitch Terrain Finished!

The Dreadball pitch has now had a lick of paint and is all the better for it 🙂

Pitch1 Pitch2 Pitch3

I decided to add some of the colours I used on the buildings to give the pitch a link to it’s surroundings. So I added it on the top half of the concrete barriers and the goals/nets/tubes/scoring mechanism. I also added some colouration on the pitch itself in the form of strike zone markings and a centre line. Both of these were applied by airbrush after a coat of hairspray, so I could give them a chipped worn look. I didn’t bother with any salt on these as I wanted much larger areas of chipping. I also added a couple of white crosses to give at least a vague idea of where one cube begins and another ends 🙂

Deadzone – Dreadball Pitch Terrain!

An idea struck me whilst I was making up the Antenocitis Billboards and adding the Dreadball poster in particular. What if there where street style Dreadball pitches, like you see in basketball and football in real life? Not something like used in Xtreme, but something used by the kids and adults alike of the cities and colonies. With that in mind I set out to try and figure out the best way to make something like that and discovered this on Antenocitis Workshop:


This would work really well to get the main shape onto a base. I had a couple of wooden backs from frames lying about, intended for basing some terrain, so cut one to the size I wanted, 3 x 2 cubes or 9″ x 6″. With that base size in place I had a limit to the size of the pitch and how much of the above to cut into shape and size, I wanted it a little smaller than the base so I could add a few extra bits around the edges, specifically some barriers and some strike posts. Using some of the Antenocitis barriers, a few bits of Deadzone terrain, metal tubing and a wee bit of guitar string, this is what I came up with…


It looks a little small when compared with the size of the figures, but I think any larger and it would take up way too much space on the board, and I think at the end of the day it does what it’s supposed to do- add a characterful piece of terrain to the board, something that makes it look like people did at one time or another live and play in the Deadzone 🙂

Now to get the blighter painted 😀

Deadzone – Bar Terrain Finished!

The second of my characterful terrain pieces for Deadzone is finished, the bar…

Bar1 Bar2 Bar3 Bar4

The idea is it was a Rebs affiliated bar that has since been shut down by force (should have picked a more subtle name, stupid sympathisers), so I’ve made it look like it’s been burned out and boarded up. I added the extractor from antenocitis workshop to add a wee bit more to the feel.

The last bit of the terrain is up next, and something that got me very excited, an outdoor Dreadball pitch…

Deadzone – Cafe Terrain Finished!

I’ve been working on a few terrain pieces with a bit more of a story to them for Deadzone. The reason behind this is with what I have it feels like a very industrial hollow battlefield, and as each deadzone is supposed to have been something; Military compound, newfound colony, sprawling colony etc. I wanted to get that across with the terrain.

I wanted to go for something that looked like it would be a civilian area and I’ve chosen to make 3 peices of terrain to help evoke that; a cafe, a bar and a outdoor dreadball pitch 🙂

The first one I set about getting finished was the cafe…

Cafe1 Cafe2 Cafe3 Cafe4 Cafe5

I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out, and it looks good setup with the other terrain.

Next up will be finishing off the bar…

Deadzone – Buildings with Character!

I’m onto painting the next and last (for now) peices of Deadzone terrain, something with a bit more character and story to it.

The first of these is a wee cafe…


This ones going to be Azurian in theme, so what better colour than blue 😀

The next one is the Reb affiliated bar…


I will be adding a wee bit of the creamy colour I used on the Rebs armour and other terrain, to link it in further (possibly on both pieces tbh), but for now I need to focus on getting these base colours highlighted up 😀

Deadzone – Even More Advertising!

Above and beyond the posters I’d added previously I wanted to add something that looked a little more official, which is where Antenocitis Workshops Medium Advertising Boards came in…

Extra-5I made up a couple of posters for my Dreadball teams and used some of the posters I’d found previously to paste into the spaces, and also covered them with a thin sheet of plastic to add to the official feel. I chose to do these in red to make them stand out a bit more, but it also provides a link to my Rebs and their colour choices.