Death Korp Heavy Weapons Team

The first of the Death Korp heavy weapons teams has been built. These have been designed for ease of transport and wound reminding, as the weapons and the troops can be removed from the base. The client was also looking to be able to swap to autocannons if necessary, so I will be painting these up alongside the lascannons.

These where made using the gunner from the heavy stubber team (also a good way for the client to get all the meltas he was looking for). They weren’t a perfect fit for the lascannon, but with a wee bit of fiddling I’ve got it modeled so they look like they are firing through a veiwfinder/targetting screen, so a wee bit of lighting effect should make this a little more obvious once they are painted.

Death Korp Lascannon Squad

Death Korp Lascannon Squad

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