So much Death Korp your head will explode!*

*This is a blatant lie 😀

Now well on my way with the next batch of Death Korp. Squad number 4 is finished and includes some meltas that will likely be switched with some other squads to spread ’em out.

Death Korp Squad 4

Death Korp Squad 4

Next up on the painting schedule are two heavy weapon squads. This first one is the Mortar team, made using the Death Korp of the Kreig Artillary Crew and the Death Korp of the Kreig Thudd Gun Crew, and the remains of the Cadian heavy weapons box. I’m very happy with how they’ve turned out, and am especially pleased with the map bearing spotter :).

Death Korp Mortar Squad

Death Korp Mortar Squad

And a wee update on the Lascannon/Autocannon team:

Death Korp Lascannon Squad

Death Korp Lascannon Squad

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