Dreadball – Match Report

So the Dreadball League Edinburgh is coming along nicely and I’d like to give an update on the Gamma Slammers progress as well as a match report :D.

After my first defeat against the Playa H8ters, my next game was against some more pesky Veer-myn, the Ratfinks. This is one of the best and closest games I’ve had, with me winning 6-0 up until the last couple of rushes, and the Ratfinks managing to score enough strikes to secure a 1-0 victory :(. This means I’m now siting in 3rd behind both the damn Veer-myn teams, and the league table looking like this. Now onto my next game:

Gamma Slammers(Home) Vs The Boner Corp(Away)

The Boner Corp

The Boner Corp

I rolled up home so set up my team in a familiar fashion, right up at the line with the Guards, and the Jacks to the side of each of them. In response to this the Boner Corp set up defensively, along the 1/2pt strike zone line ensuring they are at least 6 away from my players.

Following the sound of the first whistle the ball shot out a mighty 6, landing on the slammers side of the pitch. The Slammers decided to start things off as they usually do; Slam, slam, and slam. A guard

Rush 4

Rush 4

dashed forward to get into contact with a Jack and swiftly injured him for 2 turns, following up with another slam against a striker. This time however he dodged to safety.One of the Jacks decided to go for a strike picking up the ball and getting into position for a 1 pointer, but failing his 2 dice 3+ test :(. The Corp took offense to an Orc being so far onto their half and set up a slam with a guard supported by a Jack and a striker! With furious laughter from the Orc, he managed to knock the puny human on his arse. Enraged the Corp Guard jumped to his feet and slammed the Orc into next week, leaving him injured for 3 turns! This left the ball fairly open and a Striker nipped in to pick it up.

The Slammers next rush was used to set up some defense as most of the Corp players where well down their own side of the pitch, the Corp then rushed up the field slamming as they went but didn’t even manage to put a dent in the Slammers armour, although opened enough space for a Striker to sprint up the pitch with the ball. Bad move Striker. One of the Orc’s  moved straight in and smashed the Striker to the floor, taking him out for 3 turns. This gave a Jack the opportunity to grab the ball, dash up-field and land a 3 pointer for the first strike of the game :).

Rush 6

Rush 6

In the next rush the ball fired out another mighty 6 making it onto the Corps half. A Striker saw his opportunity to shine, but needed a little extra to reach the ball, but failed his dash and instead fell face first onto the ball sending it flying out of his reach. With this the Corp player needed some extra actions so played a card to get to the ball with his second Striker, unfortunately he decided to imitate his teammate and dashed in the wrong direction. Into the floor. The Slammers went for some more carnage, and tried to get the opposing Guards off the pitch, but only managed to injure one for 2 turns. A Jack tries his luck again, grabs the ball, heads for a 2 pointer, but narrowly misses the required roll. Booo :(.

The Corp’s Strikers decided this was a good time to make up for flailing around on the floor trying to get the ball, double their stand up, grab the ball and sprint all the way to a strike zone. The Corp coach surprised the crowd by revealing and playing a throw card, but with only two dice misses the strike. The Slammers went for some good old bashes, with a Guard and Jack going after a Human Guard, winning the slam 6-0 and sending him off the field for 3 turns. The Jacks then turned their attention to the ball, grabbing it and sprinting into the Corps half of the pitch.

The Corp realising their in a tricky situation and sent a Jack chasing after the ball carrier, but it dawned on them they could not make it so decided to play a card instead. Mysteriously the ball disappeared from the Goblins hands, and shot out at centre field, right next to a Striker. Damn sneaky Humans. The Striker really goes for the glory getting all the way up to go for a 4 pointer, but with only one dice to get it, another miss inevitably happens. With the ball well up the Slammers half of the pitch something needs to be done to get rid of the Corp players up there with it. A Guard attempts to evade out of his face to face confrontation with a Jack, but trips over his own feet and falls flat. The closest standing guard goes for the Striker who just missed, but only manages to push him back. Knowing he needs to get up there, the Guard on his back flips to his feet, rushes up, and slams the Striker into the injury box for 2 turns. With the end of the game close at hand a Goblin rushes up to get as close as possible to the ball, but does

Rush 9

Rush 9

not reach it.

The Corp goes for a push to get the ball but none of the downed players manage to double their stand up test. This left the coach no choice but to get as close to the ball as possible, but as with the Slammers they can’t quite reach it. The Slammers, now on their last rush, attempt to get a last strike in. The closest Goblin grabs the ball and manages to sprint and dash all the way to the 4pt zone, but with all the actions for him used up. Trying their luck with a card, in the hopes of getting a free action or a throw, their hopes are quickly dashed drawing up an event card.

This left the Corp one last rush to try and pull it out the hat. Needing to get the ball a Jack rushes in but only manages to push the ball carrier back, the Jack knows this is the last chance so pushes in for another try, but the Goblins superior speed means he dodges straight out the way and ensuring the Corp can do nothing else to get a strike in.

And with that the final whistle was blown, giving the Gamma Slammers a 3-0 victory.

Overall it was a good game, humans seem to hold their own against the Marauders with this being the first game they have not killed an opposing player. With a few more of our strikes getting in, it could have been a much closer game but our inability to roll dice meant only the one strike was scored (and that was with the help of coaching dice!). The end of match phase didn’t have much going on apart from the Corp’s income. Because of the difference in team value(147-104), the corp got a total of 5 dice, gaining 25mc. This got them 2 coaching staff and an extra coaching dice! The Slammers on the other hand got one Jack advancing, gaining Running Interference and a total of 8mc in the bank.

I hope you enjoyed the write up and please let me know what you think as I will probably end up doing more in the future 😀

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