Dreadball – Pitch Designs Update

I’ve been fairly busy over the last week, working some extra hours at my other job, which has meant a lack of painting time to get some updates on here. Unfortunately it looks like it will be the same until October :(. However it does mean some extra pennies for some cool stuff. I’ve already got some season 3 Dreadball goodies coming soon, which will include a Teraton team, season 3 book and dozer :D. I’ve also decided to invest in a couple of pitches for my current teams and have been working on finalising the designs for this and would love to get some feedback or see if there’s anything wrong anybody can spot. So first up we have a redo of the Gamma Slammers home field, the Gamma Dome:

The Gamma Dome logo

The Gamma Dome logo

The Gamma Dome pitch design

The Gamma Dome pitch design

And here’s the pitch for the Silver Centurions, the Coliseum:

The Coliseum logo

The Coliseum logo

The Coliseum pitch design

The Coliseum pitch design

I tried to keep them in a similar kinda design, they have the same team manager after all :D.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of making up some of the accessories for these pitches ie. the home/away fan cards, action tokens, and markers for the score/eye in the sky and this is what I’ve come up with:


As I’ve said I would love to hear what you think, especially if you think there are any errors or such. and if anyone is looking to get a design done themselves feel free to get in touch through the contact page

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