Dreadball – More Z’zor!

Heres another wee update on the Z’zor and the extra details I’ve added. Got the eyes and the reds done and dusted, but only just got the Turqouise bits started:

Z'zor Jacks WIP

Z’zor Jacks WIP

Z'zor Strikers WIP

Z’zor Strikers WIP

Z'zor Guard WIP

Z’zor Guard WIP

After I’ve finished off the Turquoise all thats really needing done is the numbers on their backs some final touch ups, and the clear hexes. I had an idea of what I wanted to do for the hexes, which was a thin strip of green with red at the centre. This ones a little wonky, and needs a little clean up, but you should get the idea 🙂

Z'zor base test

Z’zor base test

2 thoughts on “Dreadball – More Z’zor!

    • Thanks :). I’m not sure about the turquoise yet, I’d like to keep it fairly dark just because most of the rest of the models are fairly light, but I think I’ll wing it as I go :D.

      Was thinking of doing the numbers as though they were spray painted on, the idea with these guys is they’re old test subjects for a lab, let loose on the dreadball circuit, to gain more revenue for the company. Been looking at some scientist models to use for the coaches, as it gives me something to paint that’s a big difference from my usual thing as well as bringing the theme together

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