Vendetta/Battlesuit progress…..

Been working on the vendetta and battlesuit over the weekend. The main hull of the Vendetta is done, which to be honest is the bulk of the work. Still have the cockpit detailing, a couple of red/black sections to help tie it into the rest of the force, and the name, Cookie Cutter, stencilled across the nose (this will be accompanied by the image of the cookie monster).

The "Cookie Cutter" Vendetta Gunship WIP

The “Cookie Cutter” Vendetta Gunship WIP

I’ve only painted a wee bit more of the battlesuit, just finished off the blacks and painted any lenses. The next step is to add the sept markings and figure out if I want to add differently coloured sections to the armour??

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

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