Fire Warrior Progress plus New Toys!

I’ve made less progress than I wanted to on the Fire Warriors over the last couple of days, due primarily to a very generous mother in law, more on that later as here are the Fire Warriors:

Fire Warriors WIP

Fire Warriors WIP

The red on the armour and the black sections have now been completed, so onto the detailing next!

As the mother in law has just received her pension she decided my wife and I needed some money to treat ourselves. Obviously my mind went straight to toys and which ones where so shiny they had to be added to my collection.

I’ve been wanting to get into something outside of GW for a while now, other than board or card games (have played a fair few fantasy flight games, but not a lot else), but not something that would encompass a large force or expensive models. After a fair amount of browsing I decided on Dreadball by Mantic. Violent futuristic sports! Who could resist!



The main box was the obvious place to begin (really wish I had got in on the kickstarter, as some great deals). This gives me a good place to start and learn the rules. So far I’ve had a good peruse of what came with it and am suitably pleased. I should be getting a game tomorrow, so will be looking to pop up a review of the contents and the game play in the next couple of days…

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