Dreadball Marauders Test!

Got stuck into a couple of the marauder players, a guard and a jack, from the boxed game today in order to get an idea of a colour scheme for the team. This is what I came up with:





Obviously they arent quite finished yet with some details here and there needing added and some work on the yellow and black sections, but overall I am very pleased with the colour scheme. Especially pleased with how the digital numbers on the backs look. Gonna carry this across all the Dreadball teams I work on, with a more race specific number marking appearing on the shoulder guards, so for these guys something fairly messy and slapped on looking.

Would love to hear what people think of them, and any changes/additions you think could be made?


4 thoughts on “Dreadball Marauders Test!

  1. The purple is very nice but the digital numbering is exceptionally cool. Although it looks very nice in green, it does possibly look a little too similar to the flesh. Its great though.

    What paints did you use to get that purple? Purple is a colour that I regularly struggle with and I would love to find an easy go-to set of purples.

    • Thank you very much :D, you may be right about the pad on the back, but don’t think any other colour would work for a digital display, although if you have any ideas…

      These are the stages I used to get the purple:

      Basecoat: Naggaroth Night
      Highlight: 1:1 Naggaroth Night & Screamer Pink
      Highlight: Screamer Pink
      Edge Highlight: 1:1 Screamer Pink & White
      Final Highlight: 1:2 Screamer Pink & White
      Glaze: 1:1 Druchii Violet & Lahmian Medium

      Honestly never had a purple turn out, not to toot my own horn :D, looking so good before.

      • Thanks for the paint breakdown, very useful.

        Regarding the digital displays, they can be be pretty much any colour cant they? I had old calculators when I was a kid that had red displays and blue displays and in the DreadBall-verse Im sure that digital readouts can be any colour desired. The green ones do tend to be the most familiar though, and the ones shown above look very nice.

        If I were you I wouldnt change them at this stage anyway. Adding another colour may well make the colour scheme too busy.

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