Dreadball team finished!

Been distracted from my painting this week by a combination of new toys, no deadlines, and more gaming than usual. Managed to get one game of reffing which helped me nail down the rules to a good degree, and played a game against a mate, his first game. Made all the more better as it took no time for him to learn what he was doing and gave me a more challenging game, in the end beating me by 2 points. All this confirmed that Dreadball is indeed an awesome game and I can’t wait to play more. Gonna try and get more games in this week, and get a we write up of what went down 😛

In the time I did get to some painting I finished of the Marauder team, although I still need a name for them(any ideas folks?). Can’t say I’m not happy with the way they’ve turned out, but I’ll let you judge ’em for yourself 😀 :

Marauder Team

Marauder Team

Marauder Team

Marauder Team

I decided to stick with the green displays on these guys, but inspired by sho3box, will be using a different colour on each of the teams I do (I have three planned). The plan is to use a colour that compliments the main scheme I’ve picked for the team.

In other news I’ve decided I need to diversify and get some models from some other ranges on here. I’ve always been stuck into 40k and would really like to try different aesthetics in sculpting and fluff, whilst also showing I can paint more than just grimdark sci-fi :). Over the next week I’ll give you a taste of whats in the works…


3 thoughts on “Dreadball team finished!

  1. They look particularly good, that purple is lovely.

    I am glad that you are enjoying DreadBall. It really is great fun. Its also one of those are cases where the basics of the game really can be picked up very fast (as your mate noticed), yet there is plenty to learn even after a lot of games. I have played just under forty games of DB this year and I am still picking things up.

    Coming up with teams names can be tough, but a decent name is important: it definitely makes things more fun.

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