Dreadball – Silver Centurions Progress

The weekend has arrived so its onto painting some of my own stuff, and today I’ve made a wee bit of progress on the Centurions:

Silver Centurions WIP

Silver Centurions WIP

Silver Centurions WIP

Silver Centurions WIP

I’ve worked up the armour with some highlights to the desired colour as well as adding the glowy blue bits I want on them. The only other part I know what I’m doing with is the number panel. This will be a blue version of the digital display seen on the Gamma Slammers. I still think I need something else on these guys to really make ’em pop, and other than doing more glowy blue bits, I’m at a loss as to what. Any ideas from you readers out there would be greatly appreciated 😀

Silver Centurions Logo

Silver Centurions Logo

I also did a wee bit more to the logo and am happy to say this should be the final design. Let me know what you think?


2 thoughts on “Dreadball – Silver Centurions Progress

  1. I reckon that you have solved your own problem via the logo. Some bright gold accents applied to a small number of areas – maybe even framing the face like a hoplite helm – should key off the blue and go well with the red too.

    Its worth a shot on a test piece anyway if you really are stuck.

    • Thanks mate, I think that’s a great idea. Was thinking that the gold on the logo would need replaced most of yesterday, but this should tie the two together. I’ll give it a try this morning and see if I can’t get some images up 😀

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