Dreadball – Alpha Simian

The armour, fur and flesh is now done on the Alpha Simian and here’s how it looks:

Alpha Simian Front

Alpha Simian Front

Alpha Simian Back

Alpha Simian Back

I’m very pleased with the results so far, especially in regards to the Albino look as I felt this was a bit of a gamble and could look terribly wrong. Still got a fair bit of work to go on this chap, but he’s been such a pleasure to work on I can’t wait 😀


3 thoughts on “Dreadball – Alpha Simian

  1. Cool! Its giant Dr Zaius 😀

    I have tried and failed to get an interesting fur colour painted on my Reaper Ape-X model twice in recent years, so I appreciate that you were wary trying something a little different on this guy. It has worked out very well though. It should be great when its fully finished, although it must be pretty close at this stage.

    Could you tell me the process you went through to paint the fur?

    • Thanks, was so, so tempted to add Dr. Z to his back panel after that :D.

      The white was fairly simple, just a white undercoat with a light wash of Tau Sept Ochre and then bringing it back up to white and leaving the recesses! Easy peasy 🙂

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