MCP – Explosions Painting Guide

Here we take a look at how to paint explosions for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

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Stage 1

Mephiston Red: Apply a basecoat to the explosion.

Stage 2

Trollslayer Orange: Apply a very thinned over the explosion. Build this up over a few coats, waiting for each to dry before moving onto the next.

Stage 3

Skavenblight Dinge: Apply a thinned layer to the outer most areas of the explosion.

Stage 4

Yriel Yellow: Apply a thinned layer to the crevices of the explosion moving closer to the centre than the last stage.

Dorn Yellow: Apply a spot highlight to the centre of the explosion.

Stage 5

Abaddon Black: Apply a thinned layer to the very tips of the explosion.

Paint the remainder of the base using the Base Painting guide.


Stage 1

Mephiston Red: Thin with Lahmian Medium, around 2 parts to 1 part paint. Apply around the explosion, pulling your brush towards the explosion base. Build this up over several coats.

Stage 2

Trollslayer Orange: Apply a coat the same as the last stage, this time leaving a layer of the previous coat showing.

Stage 3

Yriel Yellow: Repeat the process again, this time working only around the base of the explosion.

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