Hydra Progress Update!

I now have a good start on the hydra’s, the main hull colour and the battle damage are just about done:

Hydra's WIP

Hydra’s WIP

Hydra's WIP

Hydra’s WIP

I’ve used a common method of salting for the battle damaged, and found it a lot easier the more tanks I’ve done. The basic process is as follows;

  • Apply undercoat, once dry paint the hull the colour you want showing through. In the instance of these tanks I’ve gone for an orangy/brown rusty colour.
  • Then its a coat of hairspray whilst applying salt, this not only helps the salt stick to the areas you want it, but also helps ensure the underlying colour does not scrub off.
  • Once dry it’s then time to apply the main hull color, black in this case, and highlight it up.
  • Again, once dry, its time to scrub off the salt. I used an old toothbrush and some warm water for this.
  • Once this is done you have what is pictured above (hopefully ;)).

I have noticed a few deposits of salt still left, so going to do a bit more scrubbing today and then get on with the next stage 😀

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