Hydra Progress Update 2!

More work has been done on the Hydra’s this week, with the main hull and metals done, and the red started.

Hydra's WIP

Hydra’s WIP

Hydra's WIP

Hydra’s WIP

Once the red is complete it’s only the details and adding some dirt to the tracks to do, so should be complete fairly soon. Then its onto an option of things, might be a dreadball team, more Tau or even something completely random…

2 thoughts on “Hydra Progress Update 2!

  1. These look very nice. Plausible looking, if that ever applies to the forty-first millennium.

    I dont have a lot of experience painting vehicles and because of that I tend to avoid painting them in case I screw them up.. When I do paint the occasional tank I tend to paint them like very large 28mm humanoids, which takes too long and often doesnt really work.

    I like the restrained red.

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