Dreadball Progress!

Today I started work on the first batch of Robots, starting off with just a basic basecoat…

Chromium Chargers

Chromium Chargers

To be honest this gives a clear indication of what the team will look like in the end, as the next stages for the main colour is just highlighting up to white. Beyond that is just the team colour stripes and the blue glowy bits.

One of my mates also gave me a team name for my Marauders, who shall now forever be known as…


and in addition to receiving a cool name (Thanks Neil), I also managed to paint up some reinforcements for them over the weekend in the form of another Orx, Goblin and Slippery Joe:

Reinforcements ReinforcementsBack

With a league kicking off this weekend I thought it would be a good idea to have some extra players to hand, and the excitement of some hardcore Dreadball meant I couldn’t put the brush down 😀

3 thoughts on “Dreadball Progress!

  1. Its cool to see that you are striking while the iron is hot with DreadBall. Robots are my next planned team, once I stop getting distracted by other projects.

    How do you plan to number the robots? They are the only team where some sort of solution needs to be found, because they swap models around and all that.

    Im looking forward to seeing how the Chargers turn out, particularly if they end up looking as nice as the Slammers.

    • These guys arent for me unfortunately, commission job. Saying that I do wish they where mine.

      Not sure how there gonna be numbered yet, need to have a chat with the owner, but was thinking of numbering the hexes instead. This combined with magnetised models (just the bases), could be a good solution to the tranforming issue, but does mean you need a lot of extra models (say if you wanted 2 or more guards on the pitch). This is something ive thought on a lot since reading up on the robots 🙂

  2. Hi I really love this scheme and would love to know the list of colours you used when painting them as I would like to try and copy it

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