Dystopian Wars – Painting has begun!

Began painting the first of my Dystopian Wars fleet this afternoon, and thought I’d start of small with the few Galen class escorts I have. I knew straight off the bat that I wanted to stick to fairly cold colours across the models (they do hail from Antarctica after all), and that I wanted the main hull to be dark blue with a whity/creamy camo stripe effect. So set about getting some paint on these to see how it looked (I’ve had a few colour schemes in the past that looked great in my head, but in reality sucked big time), and was so pleased with the first one I got the others up to the same stage…

Galen class escorts WIP

Galen class escorts WIP

I really am chuffed to bits with how they turned out, and am glad I’ve got the main colours down so early as it usually takes a whole load of mmmm’ing and aaah’ing before I settle on a colour scheme.

Not quite as exciting due to yesterdays update, but I have got all the robots up to the same stage now:

Chromium Chargers WIP

Chromium Chargers WIP

These guys have been fairly simple so far with just the metals that where there when I got them, which I believe to be leadbelcher, with a nuln oil wash. Then a coat of fortress grey (leaving the recesses dark). Simple 😀

One thought on “Dystopian Wars – Painting has begun!

  1. Thanks for the feedback about the robot painting methods. Its amazing how many tips and tricks can be picked up from asking questions about nice paint jobs. So if you keep churning out as many nice things as you have been lately then dont expect me to stop asking questions any time soon 🙂

    The little ships are cute. Some of the Dystopian Wars display games at Salute over the last few years have been really spectacular. That game is always worth a look.

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