Robots Finished!

The robot team is now complete, other than the clear hexes, and here they are:

Robot Jacks

Robot Jacks

Robot Jacks Back

Robot Jacks Back


Robot Guards

Robot Guards

Robot Strikers

Robot Strikers

Only have numbers on the Jacks, as with swapping in and out there’s not much point to having them on the Guards and Strikers, unless you have the same amount of each of these as you have jacks.

Next up for Dreadball I’m going to be painting numbers on the bases for the Gamma Slammers, as it’s fairly difficult to make out the digital displays whilst playing. Especially if your in the usual dark gamer dungeon we seem to play most of our games :D. I’ve also started on what will be my next team, the Z’zor:

Z'zor Team

Z’zor Team

I’m wanting to go for a praying mantis vibe with these guys, as I not only think this will look awesome, it also gives me the opportunity to paint a fairly vibrant team.


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